Volunteer/Community Service

Volunteers Needed!

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Donations of your time and talents are welcome. There is always something to do at the Preserve! Some of the areas we need your help in are:


Are you handy with tools? Could you volunteer some time to make some minor repairs at the Preserve? We need help to repair wooden railings, signs, etc..  Please call the office if you can help out, 404-345-1008.

Art Gallery

Love art? We could use your help! We sponsor a small art gallery inside our building with quarterly exhibitions by local and national artists with a thread to nature. Our Art Director, Sally Eppstein, could use some help with show installations such as: hanging work and breaking shows down at the end of exhibitions, creating press releases, labeling art work, organizing gallery openings, touring visitors and helping locate and preview new artists. Interested? Contact Sally at: (678) 642-5300.

Scrapbook Help

Like to scrapbook? Help the Preserve keep up to date by adding new materials to already established scrapbooks. This work could be done at the Preserve office or your home. Call the office to volunteer, 404-345-1008.

I.T. Assistant
Ages 16 and up, for 2-10 hours per week or less. Volunteers for this position will assist our Webmaster Anne Stern with various computer tasks, including:

  • Contact List upkeep (Outlook)
  • Email Blasts (via Constant Contact)

Volunteer(s) will know some basic HTML, be able to make website changes from their home computer and be willing to learn the Constant Contact App. Database experience helpful, but not required.

Contact Anne Stern for consideration: annes@BHNP.org

We need high quality images of the Preserve that we can use digitally on our website and for e-newsletter reporting. Like to take photos? We would love to use your images and credit you on our website!

We have a beautiful, natural place and often have a need for hand drawn images for print materials, gift cards and signage. Love to draw and paint? We could use your expertise at Blue Heron!

Like to garden? Opportunities abound at the Preserve for weeding, mulching, and planting in such places as at the garden beds near the building, public trail entrances, the community garden and our butterfly garden. We need you!

Water Testing
We could use a volunteer or volunteers to regularly test the water at Nancy Creek and Mill Creek in the Preserve. This could be individuals, school groups, scouts or others. We would provide materials and training.

Recycling and Trash
We have containers out for the public to dispose of trash they find in the Preserve. We would greatly appreciate the assistance of a volunteer to empty these containers on a regular basis.

Weekly trash pickup is needed along roadsides (Rickenbacker, Roswell and Lakemoore) and at the Emma Lane entrance.   Volunteers will also periodically remove trash along the Lakemoore/Roswell Rd pond edge.

A tech-savvy person who could start a BHNP Twitter account and maintain it.

Volunteer Organizer
Enjoy involvement with the public and your community? Want to make a difference where you live? Help start a regular volunteer group at the Preserve! We have the assistance of Park Pride to get this started but no one to lead it. It could be you!

If you would like to volunteer, contact Nancy Jones at  nancyj@BHNP.org.


Employment Opportunities

 Summer/Fall 2014-15

We offer a full range of classes on the the natural world with specific focus on the Preserve. We need part-time teachers to work primarily with children and sometimes adults on the programs we offer. You can check out our offerings on our program link to see the variety and range we offer the public. We provide educational opportunities for schools and scouts, teachers are paid a percentage of the class fees with a percentage also going to the Preserve and for materials. Our classes have a curriculum with teacher guides, resources and materials. We are looking to augment our teaching staff now and in the future.

If you are a retired teacher interested in still engaging with children or a young person looking for part time employment this might be just right for you! If interested, please call the office at, 404-345-1008.


Community Service

Interested in Community Service hours? You can complete them right here at the Preserve and we are happy to sign off on any paperwork you have. We often get requests from individuals, scout and school groups and high school students needing to fill their required hours for graduation.


We need the help, so please think about lending your talents to us. Areas of need are:

  • trail maintenance and mulching
  • gardening
  • trash pick up