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Big Leaf Magnolia

Mid-May, 2013: There is a beautiful Big Leaf Native Magnolia in full bloom at the Rickenbacker entrance. They get their name from their huge leaves.  It is a shade loving understory species. This leaf measured over 12" long!



Tree Plantings

About three years ago we had a great volunteer day on Arbor day to plant 300 new trees at the wetlands. Now, these young trees are between 6-8 feet tall. In the far right photo is one of our green ash trees today, with the distinctive green ribbon on it - indicating that is one of the original plantings.

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Tree Survey

After much hard work in the field we invite you to view the results of our Tree Survey.

There are 488 Trees in the survey so far.

(graph of the tree count by species)

There are 154 Box Elder, 72 Sycamore, 66 Loblolly Pine, 62 Tulip Poplar, 27 River Birch, 23 Ash, 21 Oak, 12 Willow, 10 Elm, 9 Sweetgum, 9 Cherry, 6 Maple, 5 Hickory, 3 American Hornbeam, 1 Dogwood, 1 Mulberry, 1 Southern Magnolia.

We also have some more unusual trees: Cedar, Mulberry, Osage Orange, Pecan, Tree of Heaven and Tupelo.

The largest tree is an Ash tree measuring 83" in diameter with 4 trunks.  The largest single trunk tree is also an Ash, with a 55" diameter. READ MORE...


Community Garden Workday: Fruit Trees!

On 2/9/13,  volunteers helped with final prep in the orchard for our new fruit trees that arrived on 2/23.  An auger was rented to dig the holes for the apple, pear and paw paw trees.  We then amended the soil with compost we produced on site.

Orchard plan map and diagram (click images to see enlarged).

Thanks go out to the group of Holy Innocents and North Atlanta High School students who came to fulfill their community service requirement for school.   They were a big help prepping the fruit orchard,  replacing signage at our information kiosk and weeding and spreading pine straw in our flower and blueberry beds.

Also a big thanks to Molly Harrington who organized the group and hopes to come out again at future workdays.  Thanks Molly!