Currently Scheduled Programs


Engaging Neighbors thru Park Events

Saturday, September 27th, 9am - 11am
$5 per Person

On Saturday, September 27th, Park Pride will be hosting the sixth in a series of seven workshops for the Friends of the Park groups from 9-11am at the Blue Heron Nature Preserve.

This workshop, "Engaging Neighbors through Park Events," will focus on bringing positive activity into community parks, sharing ideas of community driven events that have been successful in raising awareness of new parks, and recruiting members for Friends of the Park groups. The session will be beneficial for anyone looking to grow their Friends of the Park group, engage current park users and cultivate new park users.

Registration is just $5 - please join us!


Second Saturday Safari: October

"Monarch Migration"
with Trecia Neal
October 11th, 10am - 11:30am
$5 per Person

Join us at Canterbury Court!
3750 Peachtree Rd. NE
Atlanta, GA 30319

Presenter Trecia Neal, an expert on establishing gardens for monarchs, will teach us all about the amazing and endangered two-way migration of monarch butterflies. Enjoy learning how we can help monarchs, and take a walk through the beautiful garden at Canterbury Court. If possible, we will view live monarchs!

Space is limited! RSVP to 678-315-0836 Mon-Fri.  Complete your Registration Form and Mail in to BHNP.


Chastain Park Garden Club visits the Preserve

November 6
10:30am - 12pm

Details to follow.


Second Saturday Safari: November

"Greening Neighborhoods: Rain Gardens, Energy Efficient Homes"
with George Holbein & Paul Morgan
November 8th, 10am - 12pm

Details to follow.


Pricing and Registration Form for All Activities

All our regular programs are $10 per student, unless otherwise noted. Groups with five students or less will be priced at an hourly fee of $37.50 to cover our teaching expenses. All classes are 90 minutes with a tour and program.

 our new classrooms  

Pre-registration is required for all offerings.

Please mail your check with your Registration Form (click to open .PDF file) to:

Blue Heron Nature Preserve
4055 Roswell Rd.
Atlanta, GA  30342

Blue Heron reserves the right to cancel any program that does not meet minimum enrollment (refunds will be made).

We now have beautiful badges to order and purchase for all scouts! This badge fills the requirement of a visit to a nature preserve. Call the office to inquire and Pre-order, 404-345-1008.


Activities/Programs Available To Choose From:

Programs for Scouts, School Children and Garden Clubs

The following programs are available for all ages. Call the office to reserve a date and time, 404-345-1008.

Fees: An hour tour with a naturalist $8 per scout or student. An activity can be included with a tour for $10 each which includes all materials.




Nest Making

 .....  .....

View and discuss diverse habitats for birds from stream, pond, woods and meadow as we discover the beauty of the Preserve and collect our own materials for a nest making experience.

This program is available for all ages, reserve a date and time. Class time 90 minutes.
Download Curriculum HERE


Bird Watching

 .....  .....  .....

Walk the Preserve on a bird watching adventure and make a bird feeder from a recycled water bottle to either hang at the Preserve or take home.


Owl Pellets

Learn about owls in a very unique way by dissecting pellets that they regurgitate. Inside this cocoon like sac is an inventory of what owls eat. As you dissect your pellet you will discover very tiny bones of creatures that owls capture and devour. Amazing!





 ...  ...

Tour the Preserve and take a scientist's look at our native mushrooms. Gather materials to create a mushroom habitat and sculpt a mushroom from clay to take home.

Class time, 90 minutes.


Seed Discovery


Seeds travel in many different ways. Learn about how seeds move through the world as we travel though the Preserve on a discovery walk. Start your very own seed collection in a miniature box to take home.

Download Curriculum HERE


Plant Discovery

 ...  ...

Learn all about plants and how they grow! Take a nature walk in our meadow areas and touch with your hands many of the different plants that grow at the Preserve. Paint a clay pot and plant seeds of your own to take home.



 ...  ...

Enjoy a walk on our trails and pick, smell, and touch flowers along the way. Arrange your flowers in a basket as we walk and then make a daisy chain with your collection.


Explore the Community Garden

Take an in depth tour of Blue Heron's community garden and learn about plants that you can eat! Plant some seeds of your own in a small pot to take home.




Endangered Animals

(photo is Audubon's painting of Carolina Parakeets, now extinct)

Tour the Preserve as we discuss plant and animal life in Georgia. How do animals and plants become extinct or endangered?




Go on an insect hunt as we tour the Preserve. Catch and Release a small insect in a carrier to bring inside and study. We will draw and paint our observations on beautiful papers to take home.


Honeybee Class


Learn all about these fascinating insects with a master beekeeper. Take a tour of the Blue Heron Apiary and experience first hand the wonder of bees. Have a honey inspired snack in the Burrow and mix your own honey paint to create a watercolor painting to take home.



 ...  ...

Discover red wriggler worms in the Preserve's compost bin! Learn basic information about worms and composting in a hands on way. Either separate the worm's soil to use for potting seeds or create a worm bin for your classroom.


Wildlife Walk

 ...  ...

Tour the Preserve and look for the very special critters that live at Blue Heron Nature Preserve and record your findings in a nature journal to take home.




Creek Walk

Come with your water shoes or boots and explore the creek from a bird's eye view!

 .....  .....

Learn about the Preserve's history from the time of the Native Americans till now. Be an amateur biologist, geologist and archeologist and examine the natural artifacts along the stream bed as we talk about water quality and conservation.

Class time, 90 minutes.


Mud Pies


Discover soils and water in a fun hands on way and mix up a muddy batter to make and decorate your very own mud pie to take home! Students will collect, clay, sand and rich humus soils, feel the texture of each and see where the soils come from as they work on their pies. We will collect nuts, berries, leaves, etc. to decorate our pies.


Fort Building

Collect wood and stick pieces to build a fort at the Preserve. This is an engaging way to learn about the land, decomposition, trees, mushrooms and more as you use problem solving skills to make a fort.


Water and Soils

 ...  ...

Focus your study on either soils or water. This tour and discussion will also include landforms and pollution with either water testing or soil sampling. Students will have a sample bottle to take home.


Hiking and History

Kids will travel back in time with a discovery walk along Nancy Creek, which was the lifeblood of Native Americans and early settlers in area. Kids will hunt for ancient artifacts on its banks and build a fishing weir like the Creeks would have used more than 200 years ago.


Let's Collect Rocks

Learn about the geology of the Preserve as we take a walking tour and collect specimens along the way. We will sort our collections in a container to take home to jump start our own rock collection.



Take a scavenger hunt though the Preserve looking for trash! Discover how water and soil can change the composition of materials over time. Talk about why trash dumped in the environment is bad for people and animals. Help clean up the Preserve and take your favorite pieces home!



Call the office to book a tour and find out about pricing and touring options: 404-345-1008.


Eagle Scouts

Think about Blue Heron for your Eagle Scout Project or other Scout Projects. We have available sites for:

  • Trail Construction
  • Animal Habitats
  • Observation Platforms
  • Boardwalks
  • Habitat Gardening
  • Arbor Walks

Please contact Blue Heron Nature Preserve for more information on how you can be involved. We have a retired scout master that is able and willing to work with Eagle Scout candidates on possible projects. We need projects and would love to have you work with us! Email us for a scout packet, or contact us.

Blue Heron Nature Preserve, Inc.
4055 Roswell Rd.
Atlanta, Georgia 30342

Outdoor Classrooms

Have a space to dedicate to nature discovery? Work with an educator and or naturalist from the Preserve to make your outside area hum with educational opportunities for birds, butterflies, plants and investigative play.

Intructors: Blue Heron staff

Sculptural Architecture in Nature

Learn to use the landscape as your medium for sculpture. Building with stones, wood and more offers diverse opportunities for engaging children in the natural world and providing skills and a sense of accomplishment as they work in the bigger environment.

Instructors: Blue Heron staff


Garden Club Events

Speakers are available for garden club presentations on site or a place of your choosing and can include lunch or a tour.

Donation requested.


In-School Programs

Can't travel for a field trip? We are happy to bring any of our regular programming to you!

Professional Development


Engage your staff in the teaching possibilities of nature and book a professional development experience at the Preserve or at your school. We offer diverse experiences to bring nature into your classrooms and school such as:

Working with Natural Materials


Welcome natural materials such as, stones, sticks, leaves, sand and soils into your learning environment. Open ended natural materials offer a wealth of imaginative and investigative thinking opportunities for children.

Instructor: Nancy Jones


Happy Birthday!

Margaret had her birthday in the Burrow this summer and you can too! Theme your party to nature and have a tour, activity and treat at the Preserve and celebrate your special day with nature.


JJ had a fairy home birthday party at the Preserve and you can too! Build and design your own fairy home using natural materials you have gathered yourself at the Preserve.


Parties are available in a range of activities and options. We have a $75 minimum for parties which includes a tour and room rental. A nature or art based activity can be added for an additional fee, call the office for further information 404-345-1008.


Learning about Birds Educator Training - Early Childhood Educators (PreK - K, 1, focus ages 2-6)

Birds capture the imagination of our earliest learners. Join Nikki Belmonte, Atlanta Audubon Educational Coordinator, to learn strategies for engaging young children in birding. Participants will learn about common birds, attracting birds and basic birding tips and techniques that can be translated to the young students.

The workshop will encompass learning activities for the classroom inside, playground or outdoor classroom. Participants will receive educational materials to supplement activities and their own backyard bird knowledge.

  • Instructor: Nikki Belmonte
  • This class qualifies for staff development training for teachers
  • Fees: To Be Determined.

Journaling through Collage: a Visual Language

In this introductory workshop, you will learn how to collect, present and record natural materials, found objects and beautiful papers for your students to use in making collages. We will explore the use of composition, color theory and texture as you learn this fun and easy technique by making your own creation. The ability to combine different materials by pasting is the key to this art process.

Learn the language of collage for your pre-adult verbal or adult verbal children and speak to them in a whole new way.

Preschool and Elementary Educators
Maximum 20

  • Instructor: Diane Evans, Artist and  Reggio inspired Educator
  • Fees: To Be Determined
  • This class qualifies staff development training for teachers.

We offer many different types of programming and tours for scouts, garden clubs, schools and businesses:


Scouting: Tours and programs are $6 per scout and can be tailored to meet badge requirements and any area of study in nature, art, ecology, wildlife, birds, recycling, conservation and more.

Garden Clubs/Businesses: A speaking presentation and or tour is available with a requested donation to the Preserve.

Schools: Staff development is offered in the areas of birding, nature, conservation and art. School programs and tours are available and can be structured to particular areas of learning.

Please contact Nancy Jones at Blue Heron for specific pricing and appointment options: 404-345-1008.