Thank You Sorority Volunteers

Thanks to help from the Alpha Sigma Tau sorority at Oglethorpe University, we are now ready to mail our beautiful new Visitor Guide to Blue Heron's friends.  The sisters from AST came this week to help sort, fold, stuff and stamp our Visitor Guide and appeal letter. We had a great time especially after Nancy brought out the Halloween candy!

Special thanks to Kiana Lawrence with AST who helped organize the effort for the sorority. We'd love to have them back. And keep an eye out for the Visitor Guide coming in the mail soon.

Our Newly Decorated Front Door

Last weekend, Sally Eppstein our art director and artist in residence, adorned our front door with a beautiful new feather painting. Sally is getting ready for our open house and her art opening on November 22.

And, of course there is a wonderful story behind this painting!


One day, Sally and I were discussing which type of bird feather would be best for the door. And the very next day, our surveyor, Ron Gudger came to BH for a meeting and brought me a beautiful hawk feather he found while surveying our property. It was the perfect feather for the door, exquisite shape, color and pattern! It was just meant to be!


Thank You Lovett High School Volunteers

For the 2nd time in as many months student volunteers came to Blue Heron to help make improvements at Emma Wetlands. On November 2nd they came to spread wood chips on the Wetland Loop trail. The volunteers were part of LAX Action, started by Lovett student, John Moffett.  Lax Action is a volunteer group of high school lacrosse players who are taking time to "take action" off the field in their local communities. Thanks LAX Action for giving back to your community! 
To find out more, check out the LAX Action facebook page at: https://www.facebook.com/LaxAction. And come by the Emma Wetlands at the end of Emma Lane to check out the great job they did on the trail.

Human-Coyote Interaction Survey Needs Your Help

The 'Atlanta Coyote Project' has released their 2014 Human-Coyote Interactions Survey.  If you are interested, please Like and/or Follow them on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/atlantacoyoteproject, share it with your friends and encourage them to also complete the survey. A link to the survey can be found on our Facebook page, where we will soon begin to post further information about our participation in this study.

Please help Atlanta Coyote Project to use social media to gather further data.


Thank You Pine Tree Garden Club

We had a beautiful day this week working in the meadow spreading seeds at the Preserve.

 ..  ..

Volunteers from Pine Tree Garden Club came to help disperse, coreopsis, mountain mint, joe pye weed and common milk weed seeds to support our Meadows for Monarchs program. Thank you Gardeners, we will be looking forward to lots of spring flowers next year!


Knit For Nature Adorns Dogwood

Today, Diane and Sally visited the Preserve to hang all the collected knitting on our dogwood tree. Dogwood berries are an important winter food source for many birds such as the northern mockingbird and American robin.

 ..  ..

Susan made bird cards and facts to hang from the tree and they were merrily swaying on this very windy day. Many thanks to Diane, Sally and Susan and everyone who donated knitting for this fun and colorful project!


Enrichment Programs Visit The Preserve

Today we had third graders from the mission program at the Church of the Atonement on a field trip to the Preserve. They had a first experience using binoculars to check out the turtles at the pond. The Church is one of our Meadows for Monarchs partners.


Last week we also had second graders from the Church visit and they worked with Blue Heron Education Director Amy Zvonar and Educator Diane Evans. The children attend Highpoint Elementary in Sandy Springs and attend the Mission's enrichment program for Latino students after school. We had lots of smiles and excitement as they toured the Preserve with Amy and Diane!



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