Scheduled Work Days

Community Garden workdays are scheduled for the second Saturday of every month.  Times are from 9am to Noon. (Summer hours are from 8am to 11am.) The next scheduled days are:

March 14th

April 11th

May 9th


2015 Gardening Classes with NFMG

Join us in preparation for 2015 planting and harvest! We recommend the following classes being offered by North Fulton Master Gardeners:

  • Saturday March 28th: preparing for spring vegetable gardening
  • April: No classes as NFMG are involved in their annual fundraiser
  • Saturday May 30th: Container Gardens
  • Saturday June 27th: Organic Gardening - Bugs, pests and soil testing
  • Saturday July 25th: Pick, Prep and Picnic - How to use home grown veggies
  • Saturday August 29th: Herbs - Growing and their usage
  • Saturday September 26th: Pollinators, Bees and Butterflies
  • Saturday October 24th: Putting The Garden To Bed

RSVP for Classes HERE. This program is being put on by the Chastain Park Conservancy as part of their Farm Chastain initiative. The instructor is Rosie Davidson, NFMG. [READ MORE]

Girl Scout Troop Buries Time Capsule at Community Garden

On a cool day in November, girls from Girls Scout Troop 3306 here in Buckhead buried the present in hopes for the future.

Pictured standing behind their time capsule are Laura Denning
(troop leader), Gwendy Smith, Caroline Beltrami, Anna French,
Ellisa Gaul, Charlotte Beltrami (troop leader), Rakayla Kapoor and
Emily Denning (Abigail Walstrum not pictured).

The troop made up of 10th graders from North Atlanta High School and Wesleyan School has been together since first grade at Sarah Smith Elementary School. They wanted to do something special as part of a Girl Scout "Journey" required in advance of their Gold Award project. They created a time capsule made up of momentoes of their friendship and time together with plans to dig it up when they graduate from high school in 2016. Lucky for us they chose the Blue Heron Community Garden for their buried treasure! We appreciate them thinking of us for their special project and promise to keep it safe until graduation.


Garden For Hungry: 3rd Successful Year!

By Sue Certain

Garden for the Hungry Project Coordinator

In the frost of winter, the hope of spring, the heat of summer, or the shortening days of autumn, the Blue Heron Nature Preserve's Community Garden provides a changing array of vegetables for Atlanta's homeless.  We have a dedicated plot which has a sign saying, "Garden for the Hungry", aka G4H for short.  Vegetables planted outside the big garden fence, donations from community gardeners and friends (friends from my book club, and friends living in North Buckhead who know of the need), make up a sizeable contribution given throughout the year.

Last winter, there was giant chard.  In early March, chard, carrots, and collards were harvested.  In April, lettuce was the dominant crop.  May brought carrots, parsley, thyme and sorrel: more radishes (thanks to Suzanne Logan) than anything else.  In early June,  onions were the most abundant crop; in late June, it was cucumbers.  In early July, it was carrots, next trip cucumbers.  The next two trips to Crossroads, in late July, brought a bumper crop of tomatoes.   August produced a mix of summer produce:  tomatoes, basil, peas, eggplants, peppers, and cucumbers.  September's bounty featured sweet potatoes, courtesy of Kevin McCauley.  Our latest trip, in October, featured 15 pounds of squash from Pat Stern, out of 23 pounds of produce.  Our next trip is sure to feature all kinds of greens from fall/winter gardens.  So far this year, we have given 228 pounds of food and water to Atlanta's homeless; 134.5 pounds of this was fresh produce.  Floods and frost destroyed crops such as lettuce and chard, and worms ate beans, or our harvest would have been even greater.  Sometimes crops are meager, say in a cold, dry winter when nothing grows.  Other times are fertile, as when armies of carrots mature to the just-right stage all at once.  But the G4H program this year has featured the largest annual contribution yet, and the year is still not over. 


Thanks to friends of the BHCG G4H Project for their significant contributions:  Jo Lynn Mariolis, Paula Yeatman, and Walda Lavroff.  Thanks to gardeners at the Blue Heron Community Garden who contributed to the project:  Cheryl Mowris, Suzanne Logan, Jane Ulicny, Linda Kappel, John Mehler, Ed Siller and Ines Hoster, Reggie and Natalie Colbert, Pat Stern, Kim and Kevin McCauley, Jill Mahaffey and especially Peter and Terry McCauley for trips to Crossroads, all the plants and seeds that you've donated and planted, as well as produce from your own gardens.  Next year, let's have 100% participation!


A special big thank you to Farmer D Organics ( who gave us a lot of fall plants, plus composted soil for them.  The pak choi has already been harvested once this fall, yet now has leaves the size of dinner plates. 

All donations go to Crossroads Community Ministries Soup Kitchen ( We appreciate the people there, especially Stan Dawson and Clyde Corbin, for their warmth, kindness, and gratitude.  Starting this year, Crossroads has their own well-tended vegetable garden.  The Little Nancy Creek Community Garden has also donated to Crossroads.  Even so, food needs for Atlanta's homeless are great, and all these contributions and more are needed.


Community Garden Info

About Our Garden

Started in 2006, our garden has 32 plots (and a waiting list) and is part of Park Pride's network of community gardens. The garden is purely organic - no pesticides.

Contact Kevin McCauley at for more information or to be added to the waiting list.

The Blue Heron Community Garden is located in the former sewer tunnel shaft site with entrances on Roswell Road.


News From the Garden

Garden Gate

We now have a new gate at the garden entrance thanks to help from Kevins' brother Peter, and Scott Glazer.  We still need to put on a latch, but hopefully this will help keep the rabbits at bay.


Blue Heron Totem

We have a new piece of art especially built for the Preserve and installed at the Community Garden! On your next visit stop by and see this beautiful sculptural piece, donated by local artist, Sally Eppstein.

Also, Sally has just taken on a new role with us and is our new Art Director. She will be trying to bring more outside art installations to the Preserve and will help to coordinate shows in the Gallery.

Welcome Sally, and thank you for your gift!


Community Garden Workday: Fruit Trees!

On 2/9/13,  volunteers helped with final prep in the orchard for our new fruit trees that arrived on 2/23.  An auger was rented to dig the holes for the apple, pear and paw paw trees.  We then amended the soil with compost we produced on site.

Orchard plan map and diagram (click images to see enlarged).

Thanks go out to the group of Holy Innocents and North Atlanta High School students who came to fulfill their community service requirement for school.   They were a big help prepping the fruit orchard,  replacing signage at our information kiosk and weeding and spreading pine straw in our flower and blueberry beds.

Also a big thanks to Molly Harrington who organized the group and hopes to come out again at future workdays.  Thanks Molly!