Mushroom Photos by Nancy Jones

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We have had a very rainy week. And even tho it has not been great for people, the mushrooms are loving it! I took these photos with a visiting scout troop from Lovett. There is always something beautiful in nature to look at even if the day is gray.

Mushrooms found on The Preserve:

  • Hypoxylon Canker of Oak (Biscogniauxiaatropunctata). Both sexual (black) and asexual (white) stages.
  • Brown-toothed Crust (Hydnochaeteolivaceum)
  • Crowded Parchment (Stereumcomplicatum)
  • Violet-tooth Polypore (Trichcaptumbiforme). These have Fairy Pins (Phaeocaliciumpolyporaeum) on several caps
  • Wood Ear (Auricularia  auricula-judae)
  • Carbon Balls (Daldiniaconcentrica)
  • Aborted Polypore (Abortiporusbiennis)
  • Oyster Mushrooms (Pleurotus levis&P. pulmonarius) 
  • Beautiful Polypore (Climacadonpulcherrimus)
  • Orange-staining Puffball (Calvatiarubroflava)
  • Orange-mat Coprinus
  • Orange Mat (Coprinellus radians with ozonium)