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We strive to provide enriching opportunities to engage visitors with the natural world. All our programs and classes are small and uniquely designed to provide an intimate experience with nature. Our programming is geared to facilitate direct contact experiences with nature, especially for children. Current research indicates that many nature centers that provide educational programming are missing an opportunity with lecture only format programming. We want to be different and connect people as closely to nature as we can. If connection to nature facilitates empathy and stewardship, how is the next generation going to take care of the earth if they don't care about it?

We invite you to join us for a nature experience at the Preserve, our small dedicated staff of educators and naturalists will look forward to seeing you soon!









Blue Heronís educational lab, The Burrow, was opened to the public for the first time in 2011. A room in our building was renovated with the help of a grant from Nickelodeon to create a learning space for visitors. The grant funding allowed us to create an especially inviting environment with concrete painted floors, track lighting and new warm colors of paint for the walls. Real wooden vines and branches from the Preserve adorn the space with a host of natural objects to see and discover.

In the Burrow, we host special events, one day workshops, and professional development opportunities for teachers, tours and programs for scouts and regular classes in art, nature and science for all ages.


Pricing and Registration Form for All Activities

All our regular programs are $10 per student, unless otherwise noted. Groups with five students or less will be priced at an hourly fee of $37.50 to cover our teaching expenses. All classes are 90 minutes with a tour and program.

 our new classrooms  

Pre-registration is required for all offerings.

Individuals and Families:
Please mail your check with your Registration Form (click to open .PDF file) to:

Blue Heron Nature Preserve
4055 Roswell Rd.
Atlanta, GA  30342

Call or email Amy for scheduling, pricing and additional program information: 678-315-0836.

Blue Heron reserves the right to cancel any program that does not meet minimum enrollment (refunds will be made).

We now have beautiful badges to order and purchase for all scouts! This badge fills the requirement of a visit to a nature preserve. Call the office to inquire and Pre-order, 404-345-1008.